Our Praxis

In unserer Praxis für Kinderwunschtherapie Berlin begrüßen wir Sie gern

You are welcome to visit us in surgery hours or on our information night.

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Since 2001, our surgery has been situated at the Marktplatz Centre in Hellersdorf.

Whilst constructing the practice we have paid heed to the necessity of a comfortable, discreet environment for our patients.

We also have immediate access to a hormone laboratory, which allows us to analyse relevant hormones within 50 minutes.  In addition to individual consulting rooms there are discreet men’s rooms as well as single rooms in which the women can relax after treatments.

This surgery is certified DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

Apart from treating childlessness, we specialise in ambulatory treatments and prenatal diagnosis of illnesses.

German, English, Russian and Arabic are all spoken in the practice.

Our Team

Dr. med. M. Zaghloul-Abu Dakah

After having studied at the University of Rostock and becoming a medical specialist at the Kaulsdorf-hospital in Berlin, Ms Dr. med. Zaghloul-Abu Dakah grounded a day hospital and gynaecological practice in 1992.

In 2001 she opened the “praxis fuer kinderwunschtherapie” Helle Mitte. Dr. med. Zaghloul-Abu Dakah is specialised in ambulatory treatment, prenatal diagnosis (DEGUM II) and reproductive medicine.

She also speaks German and Arabic.

Dr. med. M. Zaghloul-Abu Dakah

Dr. med. G. Matheus

After having studied medicine at Leipzig University Dr. med. Matheus specialised herself in Potsdam, Berlin and Nauen. This specialisation was focused on operative gynaecology.

Presently, Dr. med. Matheus is being further educated in reproductive medicine and endocrinology.

Dr. med. G. Matheus